Jan 30, 2015— Precomputed scores available for ftp download

  • All possible single AA substitutions and deletions in human proteins from Ensembl 66

Jun 4, 2014— Predictions for mouse genome available

  • PROVEAN Protein Batch function
  • PROVEAN Genome Variants function

May 7, 2014— PROVEAN v1.1.5 released

  • A compatibility issue was resolved when BLAST search is restricted by "-gilist" option.
    • This update requires BLAST v2.2.28+ or more recent
    • No need to update from v1.1.4 if you want to keep using older versions of BLAST and have never seen an error

Mar 6, 2014— PROVEAN v1.1.4 released

  • A compatibility issue with newer versions of psiblast was resolved.
  • Options for using multiple threads for BLAST search and for changing temporary directory added
  • Input variant format checking updated

Mar 27, 2013— PROVEAN v1.1.3 released

  • A compatibility issue with newer versions of CD-HIT was resolved.
  • Minor bug fixes

Feb 8, 2013— PROVEAN Human Protein Batch function available

Feb 7, 2013— PROVEAN v1.1.2 released

  • Comma-separated format is also accepted as input variants.
  • Minor bug fixes

Dec 27, 2012— PROVEAN v1.1.1 released

  • A compilation problem was fixed.

Nov 1, 2012— PROVEAN v1.1 released

This new release contains a few changes and improvements.

  • Top 30 clusters are collected as the supporting set using 75% global sequence identity as the parameter for CD-HIT.
  • The length of supporting sequences is required to be at least 30% of the query sequence and 30% of the cluster representative.
  • The running time for sequence retrieval from protein database has been reduced.
  • A FASTA file containing supporting sequences is stored.

Sep 24, 2012— PROVEAN Human Genome Variants function with SIFT precomputes available

July 1, 2012— PROVEAN Human Genome Variants function available

March 26, 2012— PROVEAN v1.0 released and web site launched